Sultanahmet Fountain (III. Ahmet Fountain) :
Also known as Ahmet III Fountain, it lies in front of Bab-I Humayun, the gate of Topkapi Palace. Considered an artistic masterpiece, it is intricately decorated with wooden eaves, masonry and bronze calligraphy. It is altogether different to the period's more classical, modest style, and became a unique example of an elegant, rich beauty.

Üsküdar III. Ahmet Fountain :
Situated in the main square by the pier in Uskudar, it was constructed in 1728. This four sided fountain has a wooden ceiling, and is considered an architectural masterpiece because of its calligraphy, masonry and poetic art.

German Fountain :
Contructed in Germany to mark German Emperor Wilhelm II's second visit to Istanbul, it was imported and officially opened on January 1 1901, lying in Sultanahmet Square. The fountain's three domes are decorated with gold mosaics.

Tophane Fountain :
Located in Tophane Maydani, Mahmut I's senior architect, Mehmet Aga was appoint to construct this in 1732.

Beykoz Ishak Ağa Fountain :
Situated in the Beykoz area of Istanbul, this is one of the most beautiful fountain monuments in Turkey.

Ayazma Fountain :
In the Ayazma Camii courtyard in Uskudar, this fountain was commissioned by Mustafa III during the 18th century, and holds architectural characteristics typical of the period.

Azapkapı Saliha Sultan Fountain :
Constructed under the orders of Sultan Mahmut I, this was built in the memory of his mother, Saliha Sultan in 1732.

Göksu Fountain :
The building of this was commissioned by the wife of Sultan Mustafa III, and the mother of Selim III, Mihrisah Sultan.

Esma Sultan Fountain :
The daughter of Ahmet III, Esma Sultan, ordered the building of this in 1799, and is built on a square design.

Mausoleums :
Hagia Sophia Mausoleums, III. Murat Mausoleum, III. Mehmet Mausoleum, Mimar Sinan Mausoleum, Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Mausoleum, Sultan II. Mahmut Mausoleum should be visited.

Fountains in Ottoman İstanbul
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